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The Justice Clarence Thomas Appreciation Page


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Here is Justice Thomas speaking at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, Monday, Feb. 11, 2002:


Here are some photos from the Center for New Black Leadership event in October 2001, at which Justice Thomas was presented with the Thomas Sowell award. The photos were originally posted anonymously on a FreeRepublic discussion of the event at

Cheney presents Thomas with the award

Vice-President Cheney presents the Thomas Sowell Award to Justice Thomas

Thomas with Alan Keyes and his wife

Thomas with Alan Keyes and his wife

Thomas with Sean Hannity of Fox News

Thomas with Sean Hannity of Fox News

Thomas with Rita Cosby of Fox News

Thomas with Rita Cosby, Fox News reporter

Thomas talking to Juan Williams of Fox News

Thomas talking to Juan Williams, the moderately liberal commentator for Fox News. Williams wrote a well-known profile of Thomas in 1987 in The Atlantic Monthly.

Justice Thomas speaks at an annual Red Mass held at Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica in Pennsylvania.

Thomas at Red Mass

Here are some photos from Justice Thomas's visit to Valparaiso Law School, where he judged a moot court competition. The photos originally came from this site:

Thomas judging

Thomas and the best oralist

Thomas signing autographs

Thomas teaching