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The Justice Clarence Thomas Appreciation Page
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Commencement Speech at Ave Maria School of Law (6/04)

National Center for Policy Analysis Speech, Sept. 9, 1999

John M. Ashbrook Memorial Dinner, Feb. 5, 1999

This site has links to no fewer than 3 audio files, one of Justice Thomas's speech at the Ashbrook Dinner, one of a Q&A session after the dinner, and a third of another Q&A session with the Ashbrook Scholars.  Great resource. 

The Virtue of Practical Wisdom -- delivered at the Claremont Institute's Lincoln Day Dinner

The Other Side of Freedom

Another speech from the Claremont Institute's website.  NOTE: The Claremont links have stopped working.

C-Span -- America and the Courts

This page features several video selections related to Justice Thomas, including his May 2003 speech to some students at Banneker High School, an April 2002 speech at Holy Cross, a Q&A session with Justice Thomas, and a hour-long profile of him, featuring an interview with former clerk Chris Landau, a DC lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis.
A great resource for anyone interested in the Supreme Court in general.

Accuracy in Media Speech